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Rice's songs and production have a mid-70s vibe that evokes Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, or Van Morrison, but his singing and style are all his own. This particular album has a song for every mood and a wonderful diversity of styles while still holding together coherently as a collection of songs. His band, the Rice Drewry Collective, are incredible musicians and always serve the songs and the stories they tell. You can stream the entire album at the link below or on any streaming site. You won't regret it!

Ted Horrell (from Ted Horrell Music)

Rice Drewry’s latest full-length record, “Been Away Too Long”, moves from track to track like a romantic train. Jogging our memory of classic rock royalty like The Mamas and Papas, Beach Boys and Tom Petty to name a few.


The title track sets the stage of a life in retrospect while the haunting “Ghost of You” evokes a smoky haze that accompanies a painful memory. Meanwhile, the rollicking “Count on Me” paints a picture of the protagonist as a hopeful advocate.  Like many of the lyrics of this project, we are left to wonder whether the writer speaks of a particular person or a general scenario we can all relate to. 

 Superb musical arrangement is evident throughout, especially on “Whirlwind” and “Pretty Baby” where a well-placed organ ups the ante. Likewise, the quality of players on the record only adds to it’s luster.

 As veterans of their craft, Drewry and the team at Farmhouse Studio have pieced together a fine body of work.  While each song stands on its own, “Been Away Too Long” is perhaps best perused like those timeless LP’s of days gone by,  in it’s entirely from start to finish. 


-Mark Parsell, South Main Sounds, President Memphis Songrwriters Association