1. Way Out Here

From the recording Way Out Here

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Way out here in the shadow of the moon
Where the coyotes howl and the oak trees swoon
There's a girl who conjures up magic potions
She can make you do things without emotion

Way out here, way out here

Some say she traveled here from far away
But those who know don't have anything to say
She casts her spells with powerful incantations
You can't understand, there's no explanation

Way out here, way out here

Her voice soothes like a gentle whisper
And her lips taste like a strange elixir
That burns so hot it leaves your heart blistered

Don't try to turn around you can't go back
She steals your will to live, that's a fact
She will ruin all you have without hesitation
Then send you on to your final destination

Way out here, way out here
Way out here, way out here,